Into the crystal
Starting at the bottom

After resting, the party returned to the crystal temple. Rather than trying the front door again, they searched underneath the structure. Peering up into the earth clumped around it, they located a hole with a bridge spanning it.

Climbing up, they discovered a group of githzerai barricaded in the lower level of the tower. It turned out the temple was home to a group of monks devoted to protecting the central tower. They did not know what was in the tower, but they had been protecting it for thousands of years.

However, recently a rift had formed in the monks, between those who followed the original mission of protecting the tower and those who wanted to unseal it and discover its secrets. The two factions were at war within the structure, with the protectors controlling the left two towers and the exploiters protecting the right two.

Recently, the exploiters mounted a successful assault into the second floor of the tower the party is currently in, which is why they received such a violent reception the first time they attempted to enter the temple. The group of protectors they are currently with were cut off on the lowest floor and have been trusting to fate to rescue them from their predicament.

The party agreed to help them retake the second floor, and with the help of the protectors’ few remaining warriors, began to ascend the stairs.

Catching up
The story up to this point

The party was approached by a genasi named Wholoh with a request to remove some vermin from his basement. After negotiating a price of 1800 gold to clear it out, they entered the basement. There, they discovered some flame snakes and lavadiles, which they dispatched with some effort. Upon searching the basement, they found a tunnel had opened to a lower chamber. Returning to Wholoh, they agreed to investigate the lower regions and make them safe for an additional fee.

The lower region turned out to be the remains of an old temple, now overrun with elementals. The party worked their way through the temple and picked up some treasure, including a bag of whetstones. The final room contained a mummy named [[:Son’Gith]] who had been stationed there to remember the temple and keep it from degrading into its component elements. After defeating him, they discovered a door in the back of the room that led to a spiral staircase. Within this room, carved on the walls, were instructions for finding another temple that was moving through the Elemental Chaos.

The party followed the stairs upward to find themselves in the Charcoal Palace’s treasure vault. As can be imagined, the guards of the vault were not pleased to find them there. After a fight in which the party was greatly outmatched, they were captured. They tried to escape through the temple they came in through, only to find it was rapidly disintegrating due to the entire populace of the city not believing in it.

After their capture, they were taken to Content Not Found: Kahir, chief functionary of Bashamgurda, sultan of the City of Brass. After convincing him of the importance of their discoveries, they were sent to Bashamgurda. He seemed to know about the temple below the palace and to know of the other temple, and as punishment he placed slave bracelets on the party and sent them to investigate the newly discovered temple.

The party was herded onto a hardened airship piloted by a genasi named Content Not Found: Kriktuk. They followed the directions given into a cloud of earthmotes. Kriktuk piloted the ship well until crashing into an earthmote that happened to contain several elementals. After defeating the elementals the party continued on to what appeared to be an especially large earthmote.

After shrugging off the illusion, they realized the mote was actually a crystal structure surrounded by earth. They docked at an opening at the base, only to be met by several hostile Githzerai monks. After defeating the monks, they pulled off to a nearby mote to rest and heal their wounds.


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